Tai nghe Grado PS1000

Tai nghe Grado PS1000


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Mr.John Grado & company strike again. The Grado PS1000 are exclusive upscale headphones at the very pinnacle of rarified audio performance. The oversize open-back earcups and overall feel remind of the equally awesome Grado GS1000i model, with the addition of a unique and pretty cool metal framed outer grill structure that allows for extra-rigid internal driver elements and, in turn, highly articulate transient response, quickened musical dynamics, and timbrally transparent sound reproduction. The famous Grado GS1000i soundstage depth and spaciousness remains intact in the PS1000 with perhaps an even greater sense of image spatiality, detail resolution and 'room sound' information. Upon hearing these big cans, we instantly realized they're a wonderful doppelganger to the GS1000i but with deeper soundstage imaging ability, extended upper mids/highs transients, and a slightly 'lighter' but very tightly-focused low bass presentation. The full-size PS1000 design maintains the large 'around-the-ear' circumaural earcups and the deep-well foam earpad cushions of the GS edition, which keeps this can as one of the most comfortable wearing experiences in the entire Grado line.

The Grado PS1000 highly efficient 32-ohm impedance rating ensures plenty of clean volume and solid audio performance from just about any source with no headphone amp required. Of course, we feel a quality headphone amp always helps to fully maximize detail resolution, improve musical body & sonic punch, and give more 'air' to timbral/tonal textures as it contributes to the overall smoothness of sound for a real high-end 'listening room' experience. Yet another very welcome addition to HeadRoom's extremely popular high-end Grado audiophile line!

The Grado PS1000 now features slick glossy metal earpieces similar to the Grado SR325is model (not the duller brushed-matte look associated with the first PS1000 editions). A thick high-quality OFC 'Y-type' headphone cord extends approximately 9ft and terminates to a full-size 1/4" stereo plug. The Grado 1/4"-to-1/8" flexible plug adapter is included -- perfect for plugging the PS1000 into iPod, iPad, or computer audio sources -- along with a 15ft Grado Labs extension cord. All Grado PS1000 headphones are serial numbered and lovingly hand-made one-at-a-time; the 1-year manufacturer's warranty is serviced free exclusively at the family-run Grado facility located in Brooklyn, NY USA only with your HeadRoom 'authorized Grado dealer' purchase receipt.

NOTE: The Grado PS1000 gloss metal outer earcups are uniquely hand-tooled and vary slightly from headphone to headphone in overall cosmetic look, finish, and logo etching so no two appear exactly alike. We think this adds to their very handsome personality!

HeadRoom is now a fully authorized Grado headphone recable specialist! Please call us if you are interested in re-cabling your Grado headphones with our exclusive HeadRoom/Cardas 'Fat Pipe' upgraded headphone cord!

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    Ngày 14 tháng 5 năm 2012
    Con này ok

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Additional Information

Bảo hành Một năm
Loại tai nghe Full Size
Impedance @ 1kHz: 32 Ohms
Sensitivity 98 dB/mV
Cord Length 9 ft. (3m)
Cord Type Straight Y
Driver Type Dynamic
Acoustic Seal Open

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