Tai nghe Grado GS1000i

Tai nghe Grado GS1000i

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+ Âm thanh mềm mại chi tiết, ngọt ngào dễ nghe
+ Đệm tai kích thước lớn, tạo cảm giác thoải mái khi nghe nhạc
+ Ear-cup gỗ được làm thủ công
+ Tai nghe được đánh số seri tại Grado Labs, được làm tại Mỹ


GRADO LABS Statement GS1000 Headphones


By: Henri-Pierre Penel

The GS1000, the result of more than half a century of experience, is a demonstration of the exceptional know how of the New York based company Grado Labs.

The ambition of these headphones, fitted with unusual ''chambers'', made out of wood and equipped with black foam cushions, is to recreate, around the listener's ears the quasi perfect listening room. The quest for perfection is obvious in the drivers as well as in the ''chambers'' which are made out of a solid piece of precious wood, on a lathe. One side of the chamber receives the driver, the other one, (a large port), a mesh grill. The ear pads, made of dense foam (of supra oral type) insure a perfect acoustic coupling with the scull. The leather headband, holds together the chamber/driver assemblies, using articulated rods.


Extreme care has been taken in manufacturing the drivers used in the GS1000. They use a very large and extremely light membrane of a diameter of 40mm. They cover a bandwidth from 8Hz to 35kHz, values which are rarely heard off. The wood chambers are not for the look, they serve as a damper for the vibrations generated by the drivers. Their role is prominent in producing a pure sound exempt of any coloration.


Right off the bat, you enter a universe of subtlety and emotion: the bandwidth toward the bottom as well as toward the top seems unlimited. The best, however, is the fact that the GS1000 does it without ''bragging'' or exaggeration. The result is limpid and exceptionally natural. Each micro detail helps in the intelligibility and unbelievable finesse. On another side, the stereophonic effect is large but perfectly defined. We are miles away from having the feeling of something lifeless and ''cheap'' as so many less performing headphones only offer. The GS1000 headphone does not ''squeeze the ears'' and the large foams make them the most comfortable headphone for extended listening periods without any fatigue.


The GS1000 is the kind of exceptional piece of equipment that does not only deliver a message but is capable of recreating a real emotion. These headphones are worthy of the best companions, their behavior is close to being analytic, they will suffer with a mediocre feed.

Photo by: Robert Williams

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Bảo hành Một năm
Loại tai nghe Full Size
Impedance @ 1kHz: 32 Ohms
Sensitivity 98 dB/mV
Cord Length 6.5 ft
Cord Type Straight Y
Driver Type Dynamic
Acoustic Seal Open

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